Repair and Restoration

"I thought we would have to pay for new frames & sash's due to rot. Amazingly Bristol and Bath Sash Windows beautifully restored our windows & frame. They look like new! Very happy with the work, thank you."

- Liz Walton

Traditional sash windows offer additional value to any home, so taking proper care of them is a smart move. Here at Bristol and Bath Sash Windows we pride ourselves on doing everything we can to revive your windows to the glorious condition that they once were. Not only does repairing your current windows save you more, but also it is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. If your windows are in need of repair we can breathe life into them using traditional carpentry methods ensuring that all repairs match perfectly to the original windows and frame and blend seamlessly. Any timber that we do have to replace will be done so with accoya to ensure it is thoroughly protected from the elements and to ensure their longevity. We will only replace windows or framework with new joinery as a last resort or upon request.


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